In Search of Wigglesworth

​Always Speak Life

PELICAN Publishing sold to Arcadia, April 2019. 

Agent re-negotiating with Arcadia Publishing.

God's Storehouse Principle workbook

For The Sake Of America

In One Accord

Seven Step Business Plan

A Peculiar People, Discipleship

For The Sake Of America II

​God's Currency

It's A Faith Walk!

Filled with faith. About seven months of three years being sent globally by the LORD, business to business, church to church and nation to nation. Released: February 2014.

God's Storehouse Principle 

Functioning with fellow believers based upon the LORD's Storehouse Principle. Book released: March 2014; Workbook released: April 2014. 

God's Currency 

Operating separate and set apart from the world, filled with faith, functioning in God's Storehouse & operating on God's Currency instead of a national currency. What happens in the world does not affect the body of believers. Released on Good Friday, April 18, 2014.

A Wake Up Call: It's Restoration Time!

It's all about restoration, not revival. With Christ in our hearts, our hearts would not be flat-lined and require revival. Released: May 2015.

In Search of Wigglesworth

The LORD sent Sheila on the journey with two witnesses. Each step causes them to stand in awe of how the LORD orchestrates the details 'in the moment'. Released on 9/23/15, Yom Kippur.

In One Accord

Operating in unity as believers in the body of Christ. Released on 9/28/15, Feast of Tabernacles.

A Peculiar People

Discipleship process: Discipleship of Peculiar People by Peculiar People. Released on 10/7/15.

Always Speak Life

The focus for all believers to speak life into and about each situation and issue we face when we are in conversation; praying in full power and authority. Released on 11/13/15.


Mysteries Uncovered & Revealed: Truth Regarding The Birth of The Messiah, Hidden Since 300 AD. Released on 12/15/15.

 For The Sake Of America - released October 4, 2016

 For The Sake Of America II - released Sept. 30, 2017


 For The Sake Of America III - released Sept. 19, 2018

 My Story In History - to be announced

 Align - to be announced

 12 - to be announced 

 ​Fear Not - a devotional, to be announced


Nation Restoration

After experiencing the most extreme case of ID theft on record, Sheila shares the facts regarding the issues and what can be done for resolution and restoration. Released July 2014.

Seven Step Business Plan

Foreword by Ken Blanchard

Available in Spanish Language, Latin America Edition

Sheila is known as the 'Professor of Profitability' by her clients. Strategic alliances established in support of the one page plan format which helps owners and their teams quickly & easily establish a concise business plan and update their plan on a regular basis.

It's A Faith Walk!

God's Storehouse Principle

​Nation Restoration

For The Sake Of America III

A Wake Up Call: It's Restoration Time!

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