Ghana, West Africa, Bishop Duncan Williams,      Your obedience to the LORD is evident.

Pastor Sam Ankrah, Royalhouse Chapel International, Ghana, W Africa.

   Truly, God has sent you to us with a strong word for our church.

Pastor Charles Benneh, Royalhouse Chapel

   It blesses my soul to hear of your faith & see the fruit of the ministry.

Johannesburg, South Africa, Pastor Jhanni
   God is doing a good work through you and I pray with you & our church.


Georgia, Dr. Nancy Franklin
   Thank you God for answering my prayers by sending Your apostle to (the region) to unite the believers ...

Alaska, Prophetess Nancy Haney
   God has never given me this before. I see circles and circles and circles ... you drink and you draw from one circle to the other, and that’s what you do, you drink and draw and you bring these circles together ... Pulling many groups together. All these groups need each other ... He can use you for you have ears to hear and you hear His deep truth. You are filtering what is nonsense and what is real ... because you have been in that circle, and because of what you say they are going to merge. It is going to expand, become bigger than you could imagine.

TBN, Host of “Praise the Lord”, Pastor
  …The fruit of the ministry is evident in your testimony…

​​​​Bishop George McKinney, Foreword for books

 President Pentecostal & Charismatic Churches of North America, 70,000+
ard Member of Global Ministries: Billy Graham, Morris Cerullo, etc.
   General Board Member, Church of God in Christ (COGIC)
   Bishop and Pastor, St. Stephens Cathedral, Church of God in Christ (COGIC)

​International Prophet Tommy Tenney
   You have remained steadfast to God’s plan and God will continue to send you forth for His plan and purpose to be fulfilled, and for the thousands who have not knelt… 
(At the completion of the word shared, the LORD leaned Sheila forward 45 degrees for 45 minutes. The people in the assembly  of believers that night remained until she stood straight, again. She confirmed the LORD placed fresh bread in her hand and replaced the bread with fresh bread frequently ... not in the natural.  She did not have Tommy's books. People purchased Tommy's books which speak about the fresh bread.

​​Man of God from Georgia, Requesting discipleship while attending the coronation of a King in Ghana, W Africa.
   …at my age, it is hard to believe I am learning so much in these few days about what I did not know…realizing what it is to know that I know how it is to live within God’s word each day.  Will you consider discipling me?

President, Regal Christian Publishing Company
  Only God could orchestrate such a grand plan…

Prayer Director, International Prayer Center
   God is opening many doors for you…

Director, Ministry Division, Nelson Publishing
   God has given you a powerful voice and a sweet spirit…

Pastor Steve, Jubilee Church, Southern California
    Grateful to witness how God is raising you up and sending you forth to many nations…

International Apostle
    God is doing a mighty work through you, for His righteousness precedes you,  showers over you and follows you as a mighty wake. May it continue for each   of your days…

Prophetic Prayer Partner, Rozi Graham, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Only God could walk you through these days…accomplish so much through you in the midst of your daily situations. The many blessings shared during each of your travels will continue to shower blessings upon each of the many households around the world…


Newcastle, New South Wales, Pastor Mark

   …the staff and business leaders heard the message of Personal &Professional Life Management this week, so we are blessed you agreed to preach the word to our church this morning.

​Aboriginal Cultural Center, Four Square Gospel Church, Pastor Rex Morgan

   God blessed us through your preaching on Easter Sunday. We will never forget that you were in our midst … God brought new people to Jesus today & we thank God for what He has done because you answered His call. 


London, Glory House, East London, Pastor Vincent
   …the honor is ours this Easter Sunday.

Associate Pastor, Glory House, David.

   The Glory of our God Almighty shines upon you and through you in your speaking and your actions…we give Him praise.” Pastor Arnold,“You have blessed the people of this congregation, and in His wisdom and timing, may He bring you back into our midst again, very soon.

Pastor Arnold, London, England.

   You have blessed the people of this congregation, and in His wisdom and timing, may He bring you back into our midst again, very soon.

West London, Pastor
   We rejoice with you in hearing and seeing the mighty things God is doing.

Southwest London, Ruach City Church, Bishop John Francis ... while presenting Finally CD
   Our God is evidenced in your life and your speaking, while we continue to thank God for the work He is doing through you…

Sunderland, England, Former Church of Smith Wigglesworth; Currently Anglican, Pastor Day

   I thank God for sending you to our church this morning, for serving communion to me, and for renewing and restoring me for the call upon my life.

Kingdom of TONGA

Pastor Isileli Taukolo, Tonga.

  Our board and business leaders were fasting and praying and God confirmed He was sending someone to us. We are deeply touched by the message God sent to us, through you.

Minister of Finance,Tasi 

   Our meeting was an answer to my prayers, and I thank you for providing the seminar for our senior staff members, and meeting with them individually for prayer and coaching.


High Commissioner, Kingdom of Tonga, serving in the Embassy in London, England; Ambassador Akosita 

   God’s timing is always right…for you to be with us, prior to the Economic Summit, to meet and pray with us…